You may not know exactly what’s wrong, but something feels off. You may be feeling anxious and having trouble sleeping. Feeling empty, lonely, or stuck. Perhaps running into the same relationship problems at home or work. 

Or maybe you’re going through a significant transition in life, whether planned or sudden, and need time to regroup and figure out what’s next.

Whatever your specific circumstances, I’d like to help you clarify your needs, learn new skills to cope with painful events and feelings, and ultimately live a life that is more connected, rewarding, and whole.

support for a variety of concerns

  • Anxiety and Stress

  • Depression, Loneliness, Numbness

  • Difficult Life Transitions

  • Family of Origin Wounding

  • Shame, Self-Judgment, Unworthiness

  • Relationship Conflicts

  • Grief and Loss

  • Parenting Difficulties